Clean and Green: Redefining cleaning for a sustainable future

Clean and Green: Redefining cleaning for a sustainable future

Clean and Green: Redefining cleaning for a sustainable future

Traditional cleaning products have long been associated with a hidden cost to our environment. The production, use, and disposal of these products contribute to air and water pollution, resource depletion, and plastic waste. GoodBasics is here to make a change.

Our range of probiotic and eco-friendly cleaning alternatives help form part of a cleaner, greener, healthier lifestyle. Unlike conventional products, GoodBasics’ solutions use the power of nature to clean effectively without harming the planet or people. 

Our packaging is environmentally conscious. Our plastic bottles are made from 30% upcycled plastic and are fully recyclable, while our paper packaging is also recyclable. This ensures that our products not only meet your needs but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

The GoodBasics product range includes a compact stain remover to target small blemishes on garments, instead of washing the whole item; a fabric refresher spray to keep your clothes fresher for longer; and air and surface spray to help refresh the world as you live in it.

The probiotic cleaners harness the potency of beneficial microorganisms, breaking down dirt naturally and restoring a healthy microbial balance to your spaces. This results in reduced pollution, improved indoor air quality, and safer homes for your loved ones, including your pets.

Eco-friendly ingredients in our products guarantee that your cleaning routine no longer compromises the environment. By using non-toxic, biodegradable elements, you actively contribute to lowering your carbon footprint and minimising plastic waste. Our sustainable packaging completes the loop, ensuring that your commitment to a cleaner Earth extends beyond your home.

Choose more than just cleaning - choose a cleaner and brighter future. Embrace our innovative formulations that combine effectiveness with sustainability. Join the movement towards cleaner spaces and a healthier planet. Make the switch today and be part of the Clean and Green revolution.