Did You Know We're PETA Approved?

Did You Know We're PETA Approved?

Did You Know We're PETA Approved?

We're proud to announce that we are officially PETA approved. But what exactly does this mean, and why would it be significant to you?

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — an organization dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals. 


Understanding PETA Approval

In the traditional cleaning product industry, chemical ingredients require safety testing, which can include animal testing. 

PETA approval means that a company meets strict standards for animal welfare, ensuring that no animals are harmed or tested on in any stage of product development. This certification is important to consumers who are conscientious about the ethical implications of their purchasing decisions.

GoodBasics’ PETA approval guarantees that our products and ingredients have never been tested on animals, from initial formulation to store shelves. This is a key component of our commitment to cruelty-free practices and our dedication to non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.


Aligning with Ethical Consumerism

Being PETA approved is not just about avoiding animal testing — it's about promoting a broader movement towards ethical consumerism. By choosing PETA-approved products, we can all support practices that are not only safe for animals but also better for the environment. GoodBasics’ mission is to provide products that uphold the highest ethical standards and contribute positively to our planet's health.

Our PETA approval is a testament to our ongoing efforts toward a more humane and sustainable future. At GoodBasics, we believe that it is possible to achieve outstanding cleaning performance without compromising our ethical values. Our probiotic cleaning solutions are designed to be powerful against dirt and gentle on the earth and its inhabitants.


Choose Consciously, Clean Responsibly

Choosing GoodBasics’ PETA-approved cleaning products allows you to support the kind of world you want to see flourish. It’s about cleaning responsibly and consciously deciding to protect our planet and its animals. 

Join us in this important movement and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cleaning habits are contributing to a kinder, cleaner world.