Eco-friendly, allergy sensitive, Fabric refresher free from chemical nasties.

Our Fabric Refreshers probiotic formula removes bad bacteria and allergens from clothes, towels, linen, pillows and more while on the go. This spray has a very subtle citrus scent and works as a waterless, odor-fighting laundry in a bottle made for your convenience. This environmentally friendly spray is ideal for travel, hotel rooms, long days at work, or any other time you need a quick refresh between washes without the use of harsh chemicals or ingredients. Made in a convenient travel-size bottle and safe to use on all fabrics it’s perfect for hotels or personal.

- Environmentally friendly
- Safe for the whole family
- Refresh fabrics in between washes
- Safe to use on all fabrics
- Bleach free

Bedding & Linen
Car seats

1. Shake well before use
2. Remove Cap
3. Spray down fabric (Distance)
4. Enjoy refreshed fabrics

Water, probiotic bacteria, enzymes, natural surfactants.