Say goodbye to dirty shoe dilemmas and hello to toxic-free freshness.

What’s inside - 125mL Sneaker Cleaning solution, Bamboo shoe brush, 1 free sneaker wipe Keep your sneakers and the environment clean with our 2-in-1 Sneaker Care Kit. Made with biotechnology aimed at enabling a greener lifestyle, the probiotic formula offers a more effective and safe way of cleaning. Each item included in the pack works in harmony to lift stubborn stains, reach dirt in tiny nooks and crannies all while continuing the clean for up to 48 hours after application. Harness the power of nature with GoodBasics Sneaker Care Kit.

- Non-Toxic & Eco-friendly
- Bleach free
- Safe for the whole family
- Vegan Friendly
- Soap and chemical free

This product is safe to use on all sneakers & fabrics.

1. Remove excess dirt with our bamboo brush
2. Remove laces
3. Generously spray the GoodBasics sneaker cleaner onto the sneaker. (For delicate fabrics spray
4. Wet bamboo brush and gently scrub area to lift dirt. (For delicate fabrics use the brush dry)
5. Wipe the sneaker down with a clean cloth to remove excess solution
6. Air-dry sneakers

Probiotic bacteria, enzymes, and natural surfactants.