Carry the power of stain removal wherever you go and keep your clothes spotless. It's time to embrace the stain-free life!

Stainless with our waterless Stain Remover Pen. Made for cleaning on-the-go and compact in size, this everyday essential fits easily into all carry bags meaning you never have to be without it. Our handy pen, which contains no soaps or toxic chemicals, is safe for children and pets and was created to easily and quickly clean up everyday messes and is safe to use on all fabrics. Our unique pro-bacterial environmentally friendly solution works quickly to remove stains and continues actively cleaning for up to 48 hours after us

- Non-Toxic & Eco-friendly
- Bleach free
- Safe for the whole family
- Vegan Friendly


1. Remove excess residue from stain
2. Press nib into stain to release pro-bacteria solution
3. Rub nib gently across area to remove stain

Probiotic bacteria, enzymes, natural surfactants.